Stamtavla för Nicole

Occis Shoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo-Da-Day

  NORD UCH Wavecather Magic Everdream

 SE VCH SE VV-16 NORD UCH NORD VV-16 C.I.E VWW-17 Perchwater Like A Perfect Dream

SE V-09 NORD -11 SE V-12-13 NORD UCH NO v-14 NORDV-14 NO VV-14 Backhills New Design
Perchwater Midsummer Night Dream
SE VCH SEU(U)CH Perchwater Blue Magic Princess SEU(U)CH SE VCH NO UCH NO VV-11 Perchwater Mr Rainbow
NORD UCH SE VCH Perchwater Blue Queen Of Magic
SEU(U)CH DK CH(U) Occis Reverie SEU(U)CH Occis Dream Mile NORD V-07 Travis Miles Of Smiles
C.I.E KBH V-05 DK UCH LU CH WW-06 PL CH Travis Hold On To Your Dream
Occis Hold Me Now SE V-09 NORD V-11 SE V-12-13 NORDUCH NO V-14 NORDV-14 NO VV-14 Backhills New Design
SEU(U)CH DK CH(U) Occis Keep The Dream Alive